name of bag

  1. Couldn't find this on the threads...does anyone know the name of the Dior bag that looks like an English saddle but is much bigger and flatter than the Dior Saddle? It is not the Gaucho. It almost looks as it if can be worn across the body. Does anyone know if this bag is still available?

    Also, where can I get one of those lipstick cases that look like a saddle? I had one Dior bag, it is the Dior saddle in black deerskin with brass hardware. It is fab and holds a lot more than I thought it would.
  2. Surely someone must know the name of this bag??I saw a name for it once and totally forgot it, It was a variation on the saddle bag and was very nice.
  3. hmm. not really sure.

    maybe you mean the large saddle messenger?



    These aren't being made anymore, although they are on eBay sometimes :smile:
  4. Yes, that's it, but as I recall, this bag has a name other than "messenger".
  5. Hey, do you mean the Baudrier saddle ? sadly i am at work and have no pic available to post here... the saddle lip glosses are available only on eBay these days i just got one for myself a month ago and i love it!
  6. ^ ya that's it! i guess i forgot the name too :p
  7. Yup, that's it, thanks, I knew someone would come through.

    So this bag is out of production? does anyone know what it retailed for?