Name my male Mini Schnauzer

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  1. so im looking for a name for my male mini schnauzer. i already have a boy yorkie who's name is but i have drawn a blank when it comes to my schnauzer. please help!
  2. In keeping with your theme...Louis Vuitton???
  3. Oliver
    Jack...are my choices!

    Please post schnauzers!
  4. My male MS is named Rufus.

    I like the "theme" that Skyqueen suggested.

  5. ^^ yes, photos puh-leeze!!! :tup:
  6. I love the name Oscar for a MS. They just look so serious :P Pics!
  7. I'm with Skyqueen as well.
  8. Theo

    Hugo Boss?
    Calvin Klein?

    LOL Schnauzers look like serious older men to me - give him a butch name or men's fashion name to keep with your theme!
  9. any pics??? we NEED pics!!! lol..................
  10. How about Karl (Lagerfeld)?
  11. They do look like old men! My cousin just got one and she named him Rocky!
  12. I had one named Schmendy...which, I don't know if the spelling was right, but it was a German nickname that meant something like funny little man or something. Anyway, he was cute!
  13. Mine is named charlie...
  14. Name for a little Schnauzer? Schnuffy! :cutesy::P

  15. love it!!!