Name Jessica Simpsons' bag!

  1. This pic was on Go Fug Yourself (though I don't really think it's that bad of an outfit, and her face looks exceptionally lovely), and I just have to know what bag that is. The hardware looks kind of Mulberry to me, but the leather most certainly does not, and the whole shape is familiar but somehow out of reach for my feeble brain. Anyone know what it is?

    (here's a link to the original post:
  2. I think its Choo or even MJ.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's not MJ unless it's a much older style, but I'll look into Choo. Thanks!

    ETA: Yes, it's a Choo! The Mahala bag. Thanks again for the lead. :jammin:
  4. Your welcome. I couldnt remember what one but i knew it was between the two.
  5. Jimmy Choo
  6. it's a pretty bag... nice color too..
  7. thats a jimmy choo=)
  8. jimmy choo- was featured in a US Weekly not too long ago
  9. The red version is called the Maddy. Great color.