Nail color recommendation - Tropical Vacation

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  1. I am leaving in 3 weeks for a nice vacation & am looking for
    a great nail color that's super longlasting, bright & fun but non-clashy with other
    colors for a mani/pedi. Looking for specifics-brand & color.

    Last yr I did a bright shimmery pink - I'm bored with that now, looking for something new that'll look great with a tan.

  2. you don't like light pink? it goes with any outfit!
  3. That's almost the same exact shade I have from last yr! It is pretty, just looking for a change.
  4. Oh yeah - I should've mentioned - pastels do not look good on my nails for some reason.......
  5. I'd do a bright blue or turquoise. I did that when I went to Hawaii last year and it went with basically everything I wore. The only only thing I don't think it would go well with is pink.
  6. OOOOooo - I never even thought of turquoise - that might look great!
  7. sally hansen 10 day no chip polish is pretty good, but most of the colours are reds and pinks...
  8. Tropical Vacation sounds like so much fun!! Hope you have a great time.
    I was thinking since its a tropical vacation why not try:

    :heart: OPI - Tropical Punch


    :heart: OPI - Los Cabos Coral


    :heart: OPI - Curry up Don't be late


    :heart: OPI - Gargantuan Green Grape


  9. I like the 'coraly' colors too - I'll have to see if I can find some of these in person. I briefly popped into some salons at break but didn't see any torquoise or coral shades that wowed me. Maybe their spring/summer colors aren't out yet.
  10. ooh i've never worn a green colour on my nails before but i love that!
  11. I love that OPI Tropical Punch. I might have to order some! :angel:

    I suggest something metallic, because it stays on better. I always have trouble on beach vacations, because the sand just rubs my polish right off! Maybe something from the OPI Designer series, like Ruby or Treasure. They have diamond dust in them, so they're really sparkly and fiery when they hit the light! There's also Original, which is purple...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. :yahoo: YAY!! I'm really glad you liked it.
    OPI has other shades of green as well if you are interested but I thought this shade would be just right. :love:

  13. I have trouble too - the only time I didn't I swear the salon put on an indestructable layer of top coat - even my toes came back perfect after spending all that time in the sand... I'm definitely wanting something with a little shimmer:smile:

    I just bought OPIs Friar Friar pants on fire - you can't tell from the web pictures but it has a really pretty shimmer & is a bright red with orange. I haven't tried it on though.
    Not sure if I'll use this for vacation but I LOVE the color.

    I hate web pictures - you so can't really tell what it is, a lot of times the shimmer is gorgeous and makes the shade but it doesn't come across online - a lot of the colors I looked for in person weren't there - like Teal the cows come home...... I'll have to keep combing the salons! I'll definitely check those designer shades if I can find them anywhere:yes: