"MYSTERY" RED sighting at Neiman Marcus...

  1. Okay, I posted a list of Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria inventory of Balenciaga's.

    I've been passing by this MYSTERY RED in the GIANT HOBO STYLE for a few days now. This red is really RED...like Rouge Vif....and NOTHING like Vermillion. And it's from the current Spring/Summer season since the new Hobo is new this season...(it also has the gold giant hardware)

    So does anyone know what the official name for the mystery red is?
    And if it's only done in certain colors?
  2. Honestly, my rouge vermillion looks like rouge vif IRL
    So, I guess what you saw is rouge vermillion ;)
  3. ^^^I totally agree!!! I have GH Vermillion and I have noticed that the GH Vermillion looks different than the regular Vermillion.
  4. I just got a vermillion and it is brighter red than any of the Vermillions I've seen up to date...actually I was hoping for a color more different from rouge vif since I have rv...but it is similar...but even brighter...

    But I saw "mystery" orange first at my NM...didn't look like rouille, but can't think of what other color it could be...it looked orangey brown I thought...
  5. OH NO!!!! I thought I had finally nailed down my GH choice ... and now I have to insert yet another possibility ... :hysteric: !!
  6. I think we need photo's!!!
  7. ok here, guess what color is this??