**Mystery Auction**

  1. what?? haha never heard of it! It's most likely fake!
  2. as far as i know, batignolles come in monogram only and mono bags dont come with care cards. somebody please correct me if im wrong. most probably... its a fake!
  3. intresting. i saw a lady at work the other day (bought well over $15k worth of furniture) and i asked about her bag (damier BH).. she said she got hers special ordered. man was that thing GORGEOUS. damier with red canvas lining and chocolate leather handles.. omg. TDF.

    this.. i've seen these. they get shut down by eBay pretty fast but this is weird. they tell you what you win, but they dont show pictures. but you can email for the pictures. someone do it (email to get the pics.) lol.
  4. Definitely don't fall for this one..there isn't any reason why they can't just post the pictures like that. IMO, it's just a way to keep their fake up there without getting reported for selling a fake bag since no one can see what it actually looks like.
  5. :confused1: :wtf:
  6. These auctions crack me up. Why would you buy something on eBay without seeing it?
  7. I've emailed for pictures several hours ago and no response........................................

    ugh. did somebody steal that Ursula on elux a while ago... lucky duck.
  8. Report this item- it's totally fake!!!



  9. Oh wow, she actually sent you pictures!!! Thank you so much for posting them!

    That thing makes me want to cry, especially the little tag with the sticker and what seems like a disastrous attempt at a date code.

    Good fakes and bad fakes are all the same and make me cringe, but when they do something like this to my favorite LV design, it breaks my heart, lol.
  10. yep- that sucks big time!
  11. Hilarious.
  12. These are SO common on eBay. You should see some of the hideous fakes they are peddling. Least that one resembles a style made by LV actually. Some are just terrible fakes for huge prices. I can't believe people actually expect authentic stuff. I've seen some loaded with fake Tiffany, fake clothes, fake purses. It's terrible. I reported this one! Yuck!

    There is another one that is claiming authentic dooney and his pics look legit. I just hope that's actually what he mails since people have it up over $3500 now! Who pays that much for DOONEY!?! lol
  13. I posted an auction like this in the fakes section about a month ago. The woman was making over $500 on people, both men and women! For the women, she said the higher the bid went, the more she'd add to the auction, including LV bags, Coach bags, Coach keychains, etc. I think her pictures were stolen. For the auctions for men, she was saying she had a box of her ex bf's stuff that "had to go," including xbox360, portable DVD player, etc. Her feedback was hilarious. People had spent over $500 on some of her auctions and left her negatives bc she sent them crap. Well hello, there were no pictures, and repeat auctions all saying the same thing! Haha. It was hilarious.