Mysore leather

  1. Does anyone have experience with Mysore leather in a Birkin ? Is it easy care ? Does it hold its' shape ?

    Thanks !!
  2. I've only seen mysore in small accessories and it feels softer than coromandel. It seems to hold the shape well in small accessories, but I'm not sure in handbags.
  3. Hermeslady, from my experience the Chevre Mysore used in bags is a bit stiffer than the kind they use on small accessories. I had a Bolide 31 in Mysore and it was quite rigid, although still very supple and held its shape. I believe Shoes' Turquoise Chevre Birkin 30 is in Mysore since Hermes has been producing a lot of Turquoise in Mysore lately. Chevre de Coromandel and Mysore are both very low-maintenance! HTH.
  4. interesting.
  5. I haven't used either of these bags for very long so don't have much to say other than I love them and they are wonderful...!!!! I don't feel like they are too slouchy at all either...