MyPoupette RS applications

  1. Hi ladies: I've just submitted an application to Mypoupette for RS status, but I wanted to know if anyone else has done this, and how long it takes to get the result? Also, I have had only 1 neg. feedback, resulting from the unfortunate incident I posted about a few weeks ago (entited "Oh Please help..."), and I'm worried it's going to prevent the approval, even though I've got a good explanation and paper trail on the AUTHENTIC bag that my flaky buyer purchased! Ugh! Any insights? :confused1:
  2. I dont but to be perfectly honest MPRS doesn't really mean much to some people now. It definately doesn't make we want to buy from that person moreso than the next. MPRS have had their "incidents" too!

    Good luck
  3. Oooh...that's too bad. I guess you're right - all authentication sites/preferred seller lists might be filtered by the unsavory fakes seller. I am still hoping to get through, though. My approach (particularly after this last unfortunate incident) is to get as much "objective" credibility behind my auctions as possible. I am hoping it will diffuse the power of the weirdos and help people recognize the authenticity of the merchandise!
  4. I wish you luck with your application ... but, i do have to agree with secretshopaholic as some sellers who have this status still offer non authentic items .
  5. Some MPRS have some negative feedbacks before they got their MPRS so I don't think Angie will reject your apply by one neg :flowers:

    Good luck :smile:
  6. :yes: :yes: :yes:

    I totally agree!
    I watch my friend receive a totally misrepresented bag from a mypoupette and the way Angie dealt with it made me lose all respect for her and her seller program!
  7. I think it's not worth the money to be a my poupette seller.
  8. Wow! I am shocked to hear this!
  9. ruemode: when I applied for MPRS it took a while as they check out all your auctions & photographs & contact your buyers to make sure they got authentic nerchandise. Good luck!
  10. I'm not the only one who has had "difficulties" - its just not talked about it much.
  11. Woah. Thanks for the heads up, girls! Well, I guess I'll just see what happens!
  12. Good luck with the application Ruemode - it's become such a rigorous process to get the MP reseller status - I remember when you only had to submit 25 completed auctions and $35. Last I heard it was 50 completed auctions and closer to $100??? Is that correct?