My Violet Anniversary !!

  1. Look what i've got from DH when he came back from his business trip !! Its a Violet SGH Part Time :yahoo:
    Last week is our 10th anniversary, he knows that i visit Tpf everyday to see this bag. Now the baby is mine.. :dothewave:

    Excuse for the boring outfit, just came back from the airport :p

  2. Very Nice Anniversary present!! CoNgrats... it looks great on yah~!
  3. OMG! THat is deliciously yummy! LOVES IT! Looks fab on u and what a thoughtful and sweet DH! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
  4. oh yay! MORE VIOLET :nuts:... and in PT too! love the PT! I'm now having second guesses whether I should've got my violet SGH in a PT instead of work! anyways, wonderful DH you have there! CONGRATS!
  5. Thank you !!
    I'm soo happy !! Really want to hug myself, well....after hug him of course :blush:
  6. beautiful! what a great DH you have :smile:
  7. Aww, happy anniversary! The Violet is so beautiful, congratulations! What a sweet DH you have! And your outfit is not boring, LOL! I like the flats, very cute!
  8. happy anniversary and congrats with new bag..she's a stunner!
  9. You have 2 things to be thankful for!!! Don't you just love the color and the style? GREAT bag and hubby! LOL!:tup:
  10. Happy anniversary...

    gorgy bag! :yahoo:
  11. Great bag....I really love Violet
  12. very pretty! happy anniversary and enjoy the bag!
  13. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on the b-bag...and 10 years of marriage! :yahoo:

    The Part-time style looks GREAT on you! And the color and leather are TDF! :drool:
  14. Congrats on the anniversary and the stunning bag! I love the violet! My 10 year is this year too and whether he's aware of it or not, dh is getting me a violet bbag too!
  15. What a nice DH you have. :tup:Congrats.:yahoo: