My very own Chanel collection

  1. [​IMG]

    above is the soft pink caviar medium gold hardware and below is the red lambskin silver hardware

    i compare the red with 2 of my Louis Vuitton red bag and wallet :wlae: yey!


    :nuts: Chanel rocks!
  2. Very nice. Love the classics, and you have them in very desirable colors.:heart:
  3. beautiful colors! Is the red lambskin?
  4. Gorgeous!! I l:heart:ve them both, especially the red!!
  5. BEAUTIFUL collection!:love:
  6. yes :yahoo:
  7. soooo pretty!
  8. pretty Chanels!
  9. Beautiful!!
    Enjoy your gorgeous bags!
  10. Gourgeous collection, thanks for sharing.
  11. LOVE the pink Classic Flap!!!! Beautiful bags!
  12. They are so lovely!
  13. gorgeous, i love both the red and the pink shades!
  14. nice collection, love the red!!!
  15. That pink and that red are soo pretty!