My very first

  1. Hey ladies I just came back from town, looked what came back with me. I am sooooooo happy right now. The SA has been really nice she took out all the different colours they have in the boutique and they are all so pretty. :love:

    I have my eyes set on this one , cause it stood out among the rest, i tried it on for a couple of times and thats it ,it came home with me
    DSC00397.JPG DSC00402.JPG
  2. Congrats, what a beautiful classic, and the color is TDF. Enjoy
  3. That is just beautiful! Is that ivory or beige?
  4. Honesty i dunno what colour is that its like beige but with a light greenish undertone.
  5. It looks beige. It's a great size for you. Congratulations.:yahoo:
  6. Oohh.. That looks like the Blanc Fonce color. The ticket actually says 'white' but it is far from white. It is a beautiful creamy pale beigey color with just a tinge of green as you say. I got one a few weeks ago and absolutely love the color (even more than the true beige which is more of a camel color)! Congratulations, it's a beautiful classic bag in a gorgeous color!!
  7. It looks exactly like what Goldensx5 has described. Hey we got similar tastes lol.

    Thank you ladies thanks for your kind words.
  8. Beautiful and classic! Congrats!!!!
  9. It looks wonderful on you!! :heart:
  10. Looks beautiful on you! What size is it? Lovely! =)
  11. Very pretty bag! The flaps are so beautifully done.
  12. Gorgeous bag.
  13. Very pretty. Congrats!
  14. love the bag and color is off the hook
  15. It's so pretty and classic! Congrats!