My very first Mulberry

  1. This beauty arrived today and I am smitten. A pre-loved but still gorgeous Mulberry Roxanne in Gold Metallic Glove leather. Authenticated by the lovely ladies in the authentication forum before I purchased. I have wanted a Mulberry bag for so long and now I'm afraid an addiction has been born! :heart:
  2. Beautiful! Welcome to Mulberry.
  3. It's looks great and I love that colour. Congrats and welcome!
  4. Welcome to Mulberry and congrats on a beautiful first addition to your collection - because there will be more!! He he! :greengrin:
  5. Nice, Mulberry are great choice! I'm sure its not going to be your only reveal :p,
  6. Gorgeoue my mum has this bag its loverly
  7. Love the combination of traditional styling and luxurious leather - what a stylish quirky bag! Do you plan to use it for everyday, for work or for special occasions?
  8. Congrats !!!
    It's beautiful, Roxanne is my favorite Mulberry style !
  9. Congratulations, Corcor! And welcome to Mulberry! I agree with the other ladies that this definintely won't be the only Mulberry have will have :smile:
  10. Lovely bag! The colour is really sonething. COngratulations and enjoy! Xx
  11. A fab roxy! Congrats on your 1st mulberry. I'm sure you'll have the bug now!
  12. Great find, congrats.:smile:
  13. Congratulations, a very eyecatching bag :biggrin:
  14. Congrats and a big welcome from me too...gorgeous first Mulberry!:smile:
  15. Hi! What a gorgeous first Mulberry! Congratulations!:smile: