My very first MJ's - YAY!!!

  1. Ever since my black quilted bowler order got cancelled by Bloomie's a few months ago, I've been carefully considering my very first MJ bag. I kept going back and forth between the quilted bowler and the stam, the different sizes of each, and the different colours. I've been checking eBay quite diligently for authentic bowlers and stams, and found quite a few fakes! I'd pretty much given up. Then, out of the blue, a gorgeous gold little stam pops up early this week. :love: I just had to hit BIN!!! Just getting the little stam was exciting, but then I come across an auction for a bronze quilted bowler a few days later! I just LOVED one of our own lovely PFer's pic of herself carrying her own bronze quilted bowler, and had to get one for myself! :love: So I bid today, and WON!!! So after a long time of owning no MJ's, I am now the proud owner of a gold little stam AND a bronze quilted bowler. Can't wait till they get here!! YAY!!! :yahoo:

    Thanks sooooo much to bag.lover and thithi for helping me authenticate the bags and jadecee for her honest opinions! :flowers:

    Celebrate with me fellow MJ bag owners!!!! :party:
    littlestam.jpg quiltedbowler.jpg
  2. Oh sharbear!! They're both gorgeous!! I'm doing the Snoopy happy dance for you!!:yahoo: Congratulations!!!
  3. :party:
    They are both beautiful!!!!! Congratulations on both!:yes:

  4. they are gorgeaus!! cant wait till they get to you!! congrats
  5. So pretty!
  6. Great colors! It's great that you could find them on ebay! Congrats!
  7. :nuts: double whammy!
  8. How wonderful!! I bet you will LOVE that little stam to pieces... and congrats on the bowler! I hope you got a great deal on it too!
  9. Congrats Shar! Can't wait to see them IRL!!
  10. Congrats.
  11. Sharbear, those are great choices for your first MJ bags! I especially love the little stam. You must model them!
  12. :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats sharbear!! I'm so happy for you! Of course the baby stam is TDF...but that bronze bowler is stunning!!! That color changes the look of the whole bag..Just beautiful!! Please post pics w/ you wearing it when you get it!! Can't you wait!?!?! Enjoy!!! :heart: Emmy
  13. Congrats!! The little Stam is really adorable! Enjoy your bags!!:yahoo:
  14. Congrats on the little Stam!
  15. Congrats! Enjoy them!