My very first LV

  1. Finally I got my first LV bag, its a duomo

    Here are some pics my new arm candy ;)
    DSC00349.JPG DSC00350.JPG DSC00352.JPG
  2. she's beautious, congrats!!!
  3. Congrats on your first LV!!!
  4. LOVE IT!!! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  5. aww thank you....

    Any of you guys own a duomo?? If you do, does it come with a box? Cos mine just came with a dustbag, i thought maybe my SA forgot about the box.
  6. oooh, it's beautiful!! congrats & welcome to the forum :P
  7. Congrats! And my SA usually ask me if I need a box.

    I love the Duomo.:heart:
  8. Your first LV, what a feeling, huh?? Congrats and enjoy!!!! It's a great bag!
  9. I am still excited lol keep smiling to myself like an idiot. I feel silly now maybe i got the "first timer's syndrome".
  10. Maybe i should go back and ask for the box. Oh god......I guess we are on the same boat enjoying every moment of it.
  11. Congratulations. You'll love carrying that bag. It's a beauty!
  12. do go back if you really want it. :yes::yes:i'm sure there won't be any problem...take your receipt with you just to be sure, though, and look for the SA that sold you your purse.

    fyi, i kept the LV purse i was using (a reporter pm which was a hand-me-down) in that box that i received.

  13. Yes, I have a Duomo and it did come with a Louis Vuitton box. I ordered it from ELuxry.
  14. thanks guys

    I'll probably make a trip down tomorow to get the box. It might come in handy one day.