My Very 1st Reveal - major outlet haul!

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  1. I know it's getting late but do I have any ladies out there up for a quick reveal? I'm a reveal virgin :blush: so I need some confidence building applause!!

    Here we go...

  2. WOWEE!! Bring it on!! I'm ready!
  3. Take it off!! :yahoo:
  4. WHOA, that's a lot of stuff!!! Keep it coming!
  5. Bring it on Coach Sister :woohoo:
  6. Yikes!! Rip it off!!
  7. Holy cow! *waving dollars* Show the goods!
  8. I am so excited another live reveal to what do I owe this pleasure WOW!!!
  9. Take it off ! :yahoo::nuts:
  10. I made it!!!! Take it off!
  11. Wow what an amazing haul! Congrats on your first reveal! Can't wait to see!
  12. Oh horray! Bring it on!
  13. Take it off!!!
  14. Whew! I better grab another :drinkup: for this one! Bring it on!
  15. OK - For Starters instead of unwrapping and taking photo's of all these pieces I'm going to go ahead and tell you some of them. You've seen a dozen reveals for these same items so I won't put us through that this close to bed time! So - I scored an Amanda wristlet and 2 cosmetic bags (no coin :sad:) and Purple Lurex Mini Skinny, Capacity Wristlet, Cosmetic bag and pouch!! Woo Hoo!!!
    Now onto the "other" goodies... This one should be a no brainer - You can see through the bag.