My Vernis darlings~ I <3 them with all my <3. :)

  1. Last year I missed the Heart coin purses since my store only had one colour of each style :sad: But this year I am fortunate enough to own 3 out of 5 of these babies...

    My bf surprised me with the amarante and violette hearts as a Valentine's Day gift...:rolleyes: I got the violette wallet, the pomme heart and the cosmetic case myself as a treat for myself (Just graduated from Nursing and working as a nurse now..hehe...very exciting transition for me)

    And I wrote the RN exam just last week and it takes 6 weeks to get the result back.....soooo nervous about it since I know it didn't do well.... BUT!!!! If I pass, I can have another excuse to get myself another LV treat :sweatdrop:

    Hope you all like my little vernis babies.

  2. All are gorgeous! I LVoe Vernis!
    Congrats and enjoy!:yes:
  3. Congrats!! Good luck on your exam,I'm sure you'll past!
  4. Beautiful! Vernis has really grown on me.
  5. wow, so gorgeous! congrats!
  6. Wow ... I'm drooling, I love all of it! Congrats on the new LV's and passing you Nurse's exam!
  7. Love all your hearts.

    And good luck with your exam. :flowers:
  8. Oooh lala! Congrats!! :drool:
  9. Ohhh soo pretty!!
    CONGRATS on graduating and the new purchases!!!!
  10. u r one LUCKY gal...:tup::yahoo:
  11. Wow beautiful collection. Congrats and good luck to you!:woohoo:
  12. omg, they are so gorgeous!!! did u just get them recently? if so, do either stores still have the cosmetic cases left? i am in vancouver too :biggrin:
  13. Pretty pretty! Congrats :drool:.
  14. lovely vernis family!:drool: i just love vernis' colors:love: congrats on everything!
  15. congrats !! great vernis collection, I love this photo