My Valentine's Day Present! The Heritage Stripe!

  1. What my hubby got me for Valentine's Day after he got back from Iraq:love:

  2. Gorgeous!!!!! :smile:
  3. Oh she is soooo cute. My hubby is in Iraq right now too. She is gorgeous. I am jealous. I totally have that flower, too! :smile:
  4. so pretty! i'm glad your husband is back from Iraq.
  5. How wonderful! I'm also glad that you're hubby is back from Iraq! It must be wonderful to see him again! :nuts:
  6. What a nice gift! I'm thinking of getting the white stripe tote for myself soon!
  7. Congrats and so glad he is back!
  8. That tote is very pretty. :love: That is so sweet of your hubby to bring you a gift. I am glad he is back home!
  9. I love it! Plus with the PVC fabric it stays cleaner! Thanks for the nice hubby comments ladies!
  10. So pretty! Congrats on the set! And Im glad he's home! :biggrin:
  11. Yes congrats nice set and yes glad hes home
  12. Love it! Congrats!
  13. Glad he came home safe. What a nice gift he got you! My husbands unit is possibly going to Iraq this year. It will be my husbands 2 tour over there. Sucks, but you have to support them.
  14. That is so cute... and I am glad that he is back home.
  15. very cute bag!! and welcome home mr. hubby :smile: