My Valentine Gift

  1. I got an early Valentine's gift from my dearest! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Meet my Cyclamen Epsom 28cm Kelly... she's a veritable chameleon..she changes colour with different light intensity

    In white light - normal intensity (same colour in daylight - my favourite)


    In soft ambiant lighting - looks mauvey pinky brown


    In very strong direct lighting - almost a light purple


    I have never been a fan of epsom..well...until now. I have turned down many birkins in epsom (orange, bluejean etc) because of the plasticky feel/look. However, cyclamen looks really gorgeous in epsom. Also I find that the epsom in this particular kelly is softer in feel and the embossing is not as heavy handed as those epsom birkins which i had previously handled...

    My DH has the best taste in H bags ever... first the fuchsia birkin, now this gorgy kelly...:heart: :love:
  2. How sweet of him!!!! And what great taste in H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. YAY!! Congrats! So sweet of your DH!! Happy V day in advance! :biggrin:
  4. what a gorgy cyclamen kelly! and my fave in epsom is the cyclamen!
  5. TDF!!!! Congrats on a lovely Valentines gift! Can you model it for us? I'm dying for a 28cm Kelly.
  6. Bellisimo!!! Congrats!
  7. Beautiful!!!
  8. Just perfect!!
  9. Wow we have cousins ! my birkin is the same not to embossed and such a great colour ! I am loving her and to boot she is really light ! Congrats and happy valentines day !!:heart:
  10. So pretty! Congrats...
  11. SO GORGEOUS!!!:nuts: Enjoy her! Your DH is SO SWEET!!!:love:
  12. Wow Congrats, what a sweet Hubby! Honestly, what's better for Valentines day than a gorgeous Hermes bag?
  13. Lovely, congrats......a perfect valentine's gift!
  14. really pretty --congrats
  15. 3 bags in 1!!! It doesn't get better than that!
    Wear her in great health!