my updated Chanel collection

  1. i'm adding my white medium caviar classic flap :heart: ;)
    IMG_0723.JPG IMG_0726.JPG IMG_0727.JPG IMG_0728.JPG
  2. Love them all. Is that darksilver?
  3. Beautiful! I love them all too!:heart::love:
  4. Thanks for sharing! That white classic flap will be perfecttt for summer! PS is that you in the avatar? such a cute pic!
  5. Gorgeous Chanel collection, I love them all. =)
  6. love your white flap!
  7. Beautiful bags!
  8. yup that's me. hehe.
    and yes, that is the dark silver reissue :heart:
  9. I love all your purses. I keep seeing dark silver reissue as my next purchase.
  10. Beautiful!
    Love the bowler!
  11. Nice collection. All are very beautiful - lucky you!!!!:smile:
  12. They are all so stunning. Thanks for sharing!!
  13. Beautiful! The dark silver has me going crazy! I don't think I can wait until fall.
  14. Georgeous bags!Congrats!:nuts:
  15. really nice collection. Making me want a classic flap.