My Updated Carly Collection!!

  1. Wheee! I finally got batteries for my camera! Here's my new Angora Carly and my Carly collection! We got red, white and blue, baby!!
    whitecarly1.jpg whitecarly2.jpg whitecarly3.jpg
  2. Oh yay!! You now have only three...awww. I love them all, Candy, love them!!

    eta: I saw the angora irl and really almost got it with my pce. It looks so yummy!
  3. Carly looks really good on you :graucho:
  4. I love them all! They look so cute all lined up next to one another.

    Carly is soooo next on my wishlist. Now, do I want Chambray or Angora? Ack!
  5. love your patriotic....hehe

    you are missing the chocolate
  6. You are so funny candy! Carly looks great on you and I love your photos. Your Carly family is multiplying. :tup:
  7. I love them all.
  8. Oooooooooooh, nice! Gotta love Carly!!
  9. Super cute collection!! Love the Carly!
  10. I love your red, white and blue pic, lol.:tup:

    Carly looks great on you!
  11. you are funny. thanks for the pics! :tup:
  12. wow! what a collection of carlys! congrats!
  13. I love your Carly collection! They look so cute all together! I especially love that one with the chambray blue trim. :drool:
  14. That's one seriously hot Carly family!!
  15. Gorgeous collection!