My Unhappy Chanel Experience; need your opinion!

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  1. #1 May 1, 2016
    Last edited: May 1, 2016
    Hi, TPFers!
    I decided to keep my caviar old medium boy.
    But other than bag, my experience with Chanel was not quite happy, so I want to hear your opinion, and there are some questions I want to ask!

    I put my name on the wait list for prefall caviar boy about a month ago at a NM, and the SA said I am the first one on their waitlist. (They did not know there will be caviar boy until I mentioned)

    After waiting about a month, I start to see lots of TPFers get boy caviar but still no news from my SA.
    I sent her a message asking about the bag, and a few hours later, since my SA was off at that day, other SA called me to let me know there is the bag.
    (If I did not contact my SA, what would be happened?:thinking:)

    Anyway, I waited until my SA's working day which is Monday and placed an order via phone.
    On Friday(Yes, didn't get the bag until this), my Chanel purchase history on bank account was disappeared.
    I was worried if my purchase has something wrong, so contacted with my SA again.
    She said it will not post until it ships out, and she will check on the tracking right now. Then, she told me they created a label for it, so hopefully it will be tomorrow.
    I though she already sent to me, but just created a label??'s ok. I can wait.:cray:

    FINALLY, the bag arrived on Saturday.
    As soon as unboxing, a little bit disappointed because there was no Chanel paper bag which my hubby asked the SA to put.
    But it is not a big deal!:rain:
    However I thought there is usually a black cloth that covers the bag, but I was not able to find it, and turns out it is in the paper wrap just put in whatever way which makes the cloth super wrinkled.
    Also the tag for the bag was cut.
    The receipt is not in the white paper envelope(?). It is just folded and located in the bottom of the box.
    In addition, there was no original box which has the original tag, but I am not sure whether it always comes with original box or not.

    Also, I thought there is care instruction with a white cloth, but I didn't get any. I am also not sure about this.
    Does yours come with Care instruction with a white cloth?

    Feel like even though I was the first one in wait list, the SA had been putting my bag on store for a while or sold first one to other customers.:shucks:

    Is it always this way??
    To me, not only the bag itself, but also the experience is very important(ex. How it wrapped)

    I would appreciate to hear all your opinion!:flowers:
    Oh, there is one more question!
    I heard the first two numbers on Authenticity card show when it is made.
    Which numbers are your prefall boy bag?
    I though it is 22 in this year, but mine is 23. So just curious:sneaky:

    I will attach some pics to give you better idea.
    Thanks, all!:hbeat:

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  2. Sorry to hear your unhappy experience but congrats on your bag! If there's no defect or quality issues, enjoy the bag and all you need next time is maybe another SA... Serial number of mine starts with 23 as well, can't believe how fast it went from 21 to 23, like in half a year? they must have been making a lot of bags
  3. All of my Chanel bags came with the outer box, the wrap around black cloth or the white or black dust bag and the care information along with a white cleaning cloth. Did you get your authenticity card??? I agree with you...when you pay so much for luxury bags some of it is definitely the packaging. I would be disappointed as well! If the bag is perfect and you have the authenticity cad I guess I would keep the bag but I would let your SA know your displeasure.
  4. Given that u bought it from NM, a Departmental store, u r lucky that u got the iconic magnetic box and white dustBag that only classic flaps and reissues would come with. You should have received the care booklet with the glove though. Ask your SA to ship it to you.
  5. it sounds like a case of a bad SA... just one who doesn't care too much about you and your business. i have had a Saks SA package a new item carelessly too - the blue paper on the hardware was removed, the tags were cut and put inside, and etc. i do think these may be cases of packaging returned items but who knows for sure. either way I would dump the SA, and keep the bag so long as the bag itself is not in any way defective.
  6. my first bag i bought in person at neiman marcus boutique. no care card (the one with the dusting glove). second purchase at nordstrom boutique. no care card either. i went back and asked if dept store boutiques dont give them koz this is 2nd time hehe.. SA gives me one.. i got the magnetic box at time of purchase koz i asked for it. forgot to ask for white dustbag then ( hate the black ones they feel cheap to me).. the nordstrom SA who sold me my bag wasnt there when i went back, i don't think the other SA liked to do after sales service, she refused to give me white dustbag..( i got one before, for my forst bag at neiman marcus)... luck of the draw.. in my experience dept store Chanel SA do not give "luxury" feel