My unexpected new love!

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  1. I haven't purchased coach in a long time, even with getting coupons. I would go into the FP store and not find anything that really drew my attention. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the outlet and found the perfect bag, mff. Tall enough to fit my s'well bottle, ipad mini, dslr and more with room to spare, a generous drop, gorgeous color with smooshy leather and yet structured enough to stand up on her own, an exterior zip pocket big enough for my card holder, cash, coins and iphone 6s plus, smooth zipper that can be opened with one hand and crossbody strap. This is love, which I haven't experienced in a long time.

    I'm glad that I didn't let purse prejudice get in the way of loving this bag. My husband was shocked that my new purchase was 200 and was expecting an extra zero and a 3 or 4 in front!

    Introducing burgundy harley!



  2. Love that burgundy! And the zippered top and zip back pocket. I love this style. Would love to see a mod shot.
  3. Awesome bag......beautiful color!
  4. I love the Harley! I am hoping they release it in more colors with maybe silver hardware.
  5. Love this! Great choice! Wonder what other colours they have :smile:
  6. That's a pretty bag, how come I can't find it online anywhere? Is it new or only available at outlets?
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  7. Gorgeous bag!
  8. Pretty bag!
  9. They have a black, brown and magenta. The black has gold hardware.

    It's an outlet only bag, which usually has me not interested but I fell for the smooth zipper and buttery leather on this one. They have it on the online factory outlet site, though.
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  10. Gorgeous bag! The hardware looks silver. It it?
  11. Very pretty. It reminds me of my Nomad....
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  12. Very nice looking bag, love the outside pocket and the color is pretty!!

    I call it collecting!
  13. gorgeous color! Love the outside pocket.
  14. Gorgeous bag!
  15. I tried to find this bag on the coach website and can't. Where can I find it?!