My two new Dior bags! :)

  1. I finally got my dark chocolate brown D Dior bag in calfskin (I picked up the matching wallet last week) on Saturday! Then today (Sunday) my SA called to tell me that they were offering 10% off all regular priced items (cosmetics and fragrances included!) and that she couldn't recall such a special sale on everything ever taking place before. She had some new items on the side for me to look at and DH encouraged me to go choose a new bag since it was a special sale...That way I spend 10% less of "our" (I quit my job to be a full time mom when our baby was born and so he is our sole income) cash than I normally would have. :smile: Apparently, Hawaii boutiques automatically offer 10% off regular priced bags. It seems just about that amount less than the prices on eluxury. If I'm wrong, please bear with me...I only got my very first Dior bag (the Lady D Cannage Bag) two weeks ago! :smile: Anyway, they had this very cute fabric bag with calfskin handles and the darling Dior charms that I just love...I've really been wanting a black fabric bag with the Dior print and was almost going to go with the Boston bag, but then this one arrived in the boutique. It was the perfect bag in my opinion since it has the charms, black Dior print fabric, leather handles (the Boston bag had canvas like handles which kind of bothered me), and is a bag to be carried in the crook of the arm or held in one's hand which is currently my favorite style of handbag. I adore both of them...What do you all think? :smile:
    Sorry for the bad pic quality! I'm a horrible photographer! :sad:
  2. I think they're classy and would go well with a lot of outfits. :yes: Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. Soooooooooooo cute. I love the 1st one! (:
    I have the Diorissimo boston bag (in black), which is the one I think you're talking about...

    I wish they had the Lady D Cannage bag out when I bought the boston, cus I agree with you, the cannage bag is waaaaaay cuter!
  4. glamourgirlpink, the matching D dior wallet and tote bag are absolutely precious! i love the large Ds with the cannage quilting.

    and congrats too on that new dior lovely bag (i believe it's called the dior lovely), what a terrific thing to get it at 10% off!

    and i'm all for pictures of you posing with your lovely new bags! :heart:;)
  5. oh dear...there is a D Dior bag+wallet on eBay that Zerodross recommended which I didn't buy because I need to stop spending, but the pic of yours makes me seriously doubt my decision...yours are absolutely gorgeous!

    And I L-O-V-E that Dior Lovely tote. It was a bit "blah" to me when I first saw it on the Dior website because it didn't look as nice in the pics, but yours has definitely changed my mind. I think the Dior website pictures never really do their bags any justice (the creme colored double Gaucho looks so ugly in those pics, but looks divine IRL).
  6. heh, it's a different story when it comes to the cannage wallets for me, i was tempted by about a million of those different variants of the cannage wallet because of the pictures on the site, but when i saw them in real life, i was like... hmmm, that's a little bit dull.

    but i saw the taupe satin lady dior with rhinestones both on the site and irl, and it really lives up to the pictures, if not more. it was a work of art.
  7. congrats! :flowers:
  8. Thank you for all of the approving comments! :smile: And thank you for all of your great comments and answers to all of my Dior questions zerodross! I adore the canage quilting too though I definitely think it is truly most exquisite in the lambskin since it is almost a puffy sort of quilting. In the D Dior bag and wallet, the dark chocolate brown is so versatile yet dressy and I think the D's are pretty chic...I believe you are absolutely correct in that my new black handbag is called the small Dior Lovely bag. It is actually quite a nice size in real life. Though most girls carry the monogram LV or Gucci fabric bags (lots are fake...yuck!), I love Dior because it isn't flashy and doesn't scream its brand. The truly fashionable ones recognize it instantly though.:smile:
    I just love this section of the purse forum. I seriously feel like I finally found my kind of people! LOL! :smile: None of my friends or family are into Dior and so they just don't "get" know what I mean? :smile:
  9. Oh Congrats! Both bags are oh sooo pretty! I love both, but the second one looks beautiful!
  10. I love the pattern on the brown Dior. Congratulations on your new purchases.
  11. Gorgeous bags, that brown dior is so lovely!
  12. Gorgeous! Love the color and styles!
  13. congrats!! ilove them they are so cuteeeee
  14. Congratulations.
  15. Very pretty - congrats!!!!!!!!