My trip to Paris

  1. Hi, I'm new to this forum and it is my first time posting a question here. I heard that a person is only allowed to purchase up to 3 items from the LV shop in Paris. Is it true? Coz I plan to buy 4... Doea anyone know anything about this policy. Thanks a lot :yes:
  2. I've heard that they've turned down people from purchasing a lot of an item - but I don't think this will be an issue so long as you are purchasing different items.

    The problem stems from how some people will buy in bulk to resell and profit.. which is obviously not good for Vuitton's business !
  3. Ayla, thank you for your prompt reply :smile:
  4. I guess it would raise a lot of eyebrows if you start buying 2 or more of the same design.
  5. Hi,

    I know that sometimes in Champs-Elysées store, they don't allow you to buy more than 3 happened to one of my friend some months ago...
  6. ^ I've heard that too! Sometimes people actually ask other people on outdoor café's if they want to come with them to LV so they could have their share...
  7. In amsterdam the limit was five. But you could always go to the other LV stores, they bring much more personal shopping experience and may have different policies.
  8. Heard from my gf who frequent there that there isn't a limit to the number of items, but there is a limit to only one of each design you can purchase. If you want to purchase 2 of the same design, you would have to charge each to a different credit card. That is what she told me. Hope it helps. ;)
  9. I have purchased several items at the same time but when I asked to purchased two Batignolles, the SA had to get approval from the manager. Your name is also in the computer system that, say, if you go to Champs-Elysse store to buy some items in AM and go to another branch to buy the same items in PM, then they will know that you are trying to purchase multiple pieces of the same other words, trying to resell. That's definately a No No. I have also been treat very rudely by an SA when I tried to buy many different items. At the end, she only allowed me 2 bags. So it all depends.
  10. How much are you really wanting to purchase?
  11. Thanks a lot, guys :yes:

    I just want to buy 3 different bags and 1 purse... hopefully, it's ok...
  12. the limit is only if you want to purchase more than 1 of the same thing. my mom put mine and her purchases on her credit card and we bought 4 things total.
  13. even on line web sites let you know that there's a limit of upto how many purchase can you do on a certain item. B/c I've done that before on a gucci shoes. I bought 2 pairs of same colors. Saksfifth site let you only order no more than 3 units on same items every 30 days. It's just due from high demand :smile: hope this helps.