My trip to NY and a little coach goody for me

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  1. My husband and I went to NY to visit his family and sadly there was really no time for shopping. I got an hour to myself to run around and I hit one of the many the coach stores. I had seen this ring months ago but didn't want to spend the money. When I finally decided I had to take the plunge they were sold out and I was told most likely gone for good. I saw it on the website yesterday and then was lucky enough to find one in my size. I think a little goody always makes the trip!

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  2. I clicked on this thread rather quickly because I've always wanted to go to NYC. I've entered every contest to win a trip to NY over the past 20 yrs. lol
    That's a really nice ring, is it sterling?
    That clutch in your avatar is at the Dooney outlet now for like $235 or $255, can't remember exactly. I saw it and held it, it's so pretty!
  3. Love the ring...congrats!
  4. Very lovely ring. It's great that you'll have it to remind you of your trip to NY.
  5. Love it
  6. Very cute ring! Congrats!
  7. Nice choice!
  8. Well, I live in NY state and it was 21 years before I ever made the trip to NYC! You'll get there someday!
  9. lol! That's a long time, you give me hope after all! My niece & nephew have already been to NYC and watched broadway plays and everything and they were just babies when I got married. So they beat me to it. Maybe someday like you say!...
  10. Cool - jewelry gets way more use than a t-shirt or coffee mug! I agree, a little goodie makes the trip.
  11. I love that ring. Congrats!
  12. Congrats on your lovely Coach souvenir!

    I bought this ring back in August with PCE for my birthday and I wear it a lot. No problems to report.
    A sterling silver polishing cloth is your rings best freind.

    I was very surprised that I saw this ring at the Dolphin outlet the last time I went there. Not sure if it was a return or if they had been deleted from the boutique.
  13. Congrats - that ring is adorable, and my Coach silver earrings are holding up very well with every day wear, so I'm sure your ring will too.

    Oops, my husband works in NYC - Im sure he'd trade places with you any time you wish - whereever you live!!
  14. Have you been there Donna, do you like it? I guess it may not be what it seems to me in my mind. My neighbor is from NY and he says he doesn't care to ever return.
    It just seems so nice in the movies... lol