my trip to china

  1. hello fellow tpf-ers,
    i've just got back from china with my partner and his family.. while we were there, we were stopped by people carrying this A4 size paper with pictures of different LV bags/items at least 50 times a day, saying that they're selling all LV items and other named brands.. out of curiousity, we went to one of these shops, and we were lead to about 5 different alleyways, into a shop and i'm not kidding, it was a room with wall to wall shelves filled with LVs.. all different lines, different shapes, you name it, they have it.. and the funny thing is, on the way there, we walked past a group of policemen, and surely they must know where we're going, but they didnt even bat an eye.. :wtf:

    it was an experience nevertheless... wouldnt believe it if i wasnt there myself.. i thought i should share this experience with you..
  2. Actually I thought this type of thing was NOT illegal in China.
  3. thought the policemen have to close-their-eyes by some of people work & eat from this thing...
  4. *wow* those cops must be getting paid to keep it hush hush, unless it is not illegal.
  5. they DID bang Shiang Yang Market in Shanghai, but that palce is huge and filled w/replicas of Chanel, Hermes, LV, Gucci, Prada, Cartier, Rolex, Tiffany.....the list goes on and on.
    My first visit, pp were actually selling it on the street, but now they send out 'SA' to attract 'clients'. Hopefully the police will be more strict about such practice as the Olympics approach.
  6. Uh oh, I hate it that it´s so obvious and nothing is done about it!
  7. Yeah unfortunately it's a common thing in China & HK, it's like they just place the LV magazines on the table and then say that they have the bag upstairs in an apartment or something and it looks 99% like the real thing. It's so hard for customs to do anything since the counterfeit market is so big and these people get smarter and smarter :sad:
  8. Well, it's not limited to China/HK. I saw the same thing in Bangkok and even in Dubai!
  9. Gosh- I would be scared $%$%$ to walk down an alley in a foreign country. You are brave... How the world did they not know you weren't the counterfeit police? Do they approach everyone on the street? What an experience.
  10. this type of thing scares me especially with eBay and all. can these copies fool lv SA's who will authenticate bags?
  11. They do the same exact thing in Chinatown in NYC- I was out walking around, shopping with some friends/family and there are people that just stand on the street and come up to you asking quietly "LV? Chanel?" and try to get you to look at a sheet of their items. I've heard that they keep their "designer goods" in the back of stores and if you go in they have shelves full of every LV item available! It is a huge business.
  12. I am from bei jing China and I have heard of those things but never experienced it:s
  13. *sigh* its so sad how people use their brains to think up ways to pursue illegal activities. Can you imagine how far this society would be if they just put their brain power into something constructive? sorry...random thought while stuck at work on saturday :p
  14. ITA...:yes:

  15. I was just going to comment about China Town in NYC - what a sick and discusting place :throwup: