My Trip to Bloomie's

  1. Here's what I saw ladies (that I can remember)

    -black stam (I got the last one!)
    -taupe stam
    -Sm caramel multi-pocket (silver hardware)
    -black quilted blake
    -quilted bowler (can't remember if black or ivory)
    -small ivory muilti pocket (gold hardware)
    -quildted ivory multi pocket

    PM me for the number if interested. F&F sale ends sunday
  2. Congrats on the stam! Post pics :yahoo:
  3. thanks! I still have to pick it up
  4. WOW.............I just got the Hudson! YAY!
  5. :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats!! Post pics when you get it!!! Can't wait! Enjoy!
    :heart: Emmy
  6. ahhh I'm so upset the anticipation is killing me. Since I just opened up my bloomie's account I only had a $300 credit line so she told me I had to pay $800 cash or check. I didn't have the cash or any checks on me so I went back this afternoon with a check.. I didn't want to carry that much cash on me. So I give her my check for $800 and it doesn't approve! She says she made a mistake they will only accept cash. The bank was closed I have to get it tomorrow morning. I really wanted it for tonight but oh well. I'm that much more excited to get it. But I'm still annoyed. :censor:
  7. OMG!! Why didn';t they increase your credit line!?! What a pain int the a**!!!! Well..At least you can get it tomorrow....I would be bummed too....!!! Good luck! Keep us posted! :heart: Emmy
  8. I don't know I guess she couldn't because I'm a new account holder. But I will be there first thing at 9 am to get what is rightfully mine. :devil:
  9. Oh you are so lucky...a "Macy's" just opened up here a few months ago...I went there tonight...It's all junk....I knew I wouldn't find anything decent but I was still hoping..Actually a huge mall is supposed to be built here In Syracuse over the next few years.."Destiny USA"..It's supposed to be either the biggest or one of the biggest malls in the US..Can't remember which...There's so much political BS going on with the project I don't pay attention anymore...tell me Neimans and Saks is moving in and then I'll listen!
    Take pics of you carrying the new baby...:heart: Emmy
  10. I will tomorrow :yahoo:
  11. I have relatives near rochester. my aunt always comes down here by me to shop.
  12. aw, how frustrating! and I'm sure you can't wait to get your hands on that stam. Congratulations!!
  13. I'm glad you got the stam! Congratulations! Can't wait for pics!
  14. Finally !!



  15. G-G-G-G-Gorgeous!! YAY! so happy to see you got your bag! You better go out and rock that baby ASAP!