My topaz quilted elise...

  1. Should I part with my topaz quilted elise??

    Since I bought it about a month ago, I have only worn it one or two times. it's SUCH a pretty bag, but I bought it impulsively, and it's not really "me" for assorted reasons.

    Should I sell it, or would I totally regret that?
  2. Oh, that's such a tough call! That bag is so drop-dead gorgeous, I would have trouble parting with it. But if you need something more practical, maybe you should go for a Blake or Multipocket.
  3. *sigh* this is one of my favourite MJ bags EVER. I want it soooooooo much. But, if it's not you, and you don't wear it, perhaps you should sell it to someone who will love it and get something you really really love. There's no sense in keeping something you're not crazy about.
  4. gosh, that is a hard decision! i love that color!! but like the others said if you don't use it there isn't much reason to keep it. ....just depends on if you need to sell it or if you can justify keeping it and not using it much...i have bags that i don't use much but when i want to, i couldn't imagine not having them!!

    lets us know what you decide!
  5. ditto!

    sell the bag and buy one that you can use. lol... buying is half the fun!
  6. This is a tough one...topaz is so gorgeous! I'd say if you're not using it much, then sell and get something you are in love with that you'll use!
  7. If you don't absolutely love it 100%, then you should find the MJ bag that is perfect for you and meets your needs.

    As gorgeous as the bag is, will you be happy seeing her sitting on your shelf in its dust bag or will that gnaw at you? It would kill me.
  8. Sell it to someone who will enjoy using it and put the money toward a new bag you will love!
  9. I agree with everyone else, if you won't use it you should sell it. If you don't mind me asking, what was it about the bag that didn't work for you?
  10. Wow, I would love to say sell the bag so maybe I can snatch it :graucho: but honestly, if you're having second thought then it's not worth to keep. There are other gorgeous MJ!
  11. I agree that if you find yourself not using it, you should sell it to buy yourself that's more "you" Otherwise that beautiful baby will sit all by herself in a closet waiting to be let out.
  12. If you don't use it much and as you said it's not your style, then I think you should sell it and get one that you absolutely love and will use!!!
  13. Thanks for all of your wisdom! I have decided that I will probably just sell it on eBay. I'm going to wait for the next reduced fee insertion whatever it's called day so I can save some $$ on those blasted fees. :p

    As to why I'm not loving it... I definitely bought it impulsively, because I thought it was such a beautiful bag, and I was afraid it would become hard to come by. I have another light colored bag that I use a lot in the spring (it's a pale minty green grey MJ bag) and I also have a blue Chloe that I wear as my pop of color bag... so I feel like I might have one too many accent bags in the blue/green family. Does that make sense? In retrospect, I think I would be better off with a red accent bag instead of a topaz one.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for the advice!:heart: