My Tokyo Tale ends with a H-Happy Ending!

  1. I should have posted this last month, but the flying around, CNY holidays and the 'flu' caught up with me, so I am only able to post this now. :sweatdrop:
    Apologies for the 'stale news'....

    Well, the DH and I were supposed to fly home to SG to celebrate my Birthday, but work caught up with him, so we got stuck in Shanghai in the end. Plagued by guilt (and most probably my moping around...:rolleyes:), the DH agreed we could take just a weekend off to TOKYO instead when his work eased up, so I could squeeze in a spot of shopping!

    Before I continue, special thanks to Licencetocook, for all her e-mails, fabulous Hermes Shopping Tips, and well wishes to my Tokyo Trip! I sure wish we can be there longer the next time we visit Tokyo, so I'd get to meet you dear! I really appreciate all your help! :flowers:

    I frankly didn't get my hopes up since I only had a very short time in Tokyo, and didn't think I'd really find anything, but as luck would have it....the DH himself spotted something that really made my heart sing at one of the Tokyo Hermes Stores! :love::yahoo:

    Thereafter, we celebrated over cocktails at Beige in Ginza (after visiting the Hermes Tokyo Ginza Flagship Store of course! :tup:), and I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday! :tender:

  2. Pictures coming right up.....I am just resizing as I go along.

    The Orange Box.

  3. Out in a jiff!

  4. Oh my, a morning reveal! This is sure to wake me up fast :woohoo:
  5. Handles peeking out...Any guesses yet? :graucho:

  6. What a big orange box...
  7. OOO, ostrich!!
  8. I can see the little goose bumps..
  9. :lol: OOo:huh:ps.....That obvious eh?
  10. Well, with the tell tale signs and all!!
  11. She's out!

  12. Holy crap!!!Stunning!!!!Is the colour grey?
  13. :lol::lol::lol: I was never any good at keeping secrets! Yep, she's Grey.

    It's a Gris Tourterelle 30cm Ostrich Birkin with Palladium Hardware!:yahoo::yahoo:

  14. Congratulation, she is stunning..The bumps just pop out lovely..
  15. Gorgeous! Congrats!