My toes keep sliding off CL peep toe pumps!

  1. I just wonder if this happens to everyone or it's just me. I just bought this pair of CL fishnet slingback from Saks second cut sale. Everytime I walk, my toes keep sliding off the platform and it looks really weird to me. Does it happen to you too?

  2. Hi breakfast lover- I want to get these too. Can you tell me if they fit true to size? Sorry I can't answer your question.
  3. ^^^I have them and they do fit true to size. Plus the slingback is adjustable.

    breakfast lover, maybe put in a dr scholls pad or a foot petals on the ball of the foot of shoe.
  4. I heard they fit small... so I got 1/2 size up. I'll let you know how they fit once I get them. I got the white pair.
  5. I have these shoes in white, and I found that they fit tts. Try inserting a pad in the toe box. That should help.
  6. I own those and mine fit just fine. That doesn't happen.
  7. I went up a full size and they fit me perfectly.
  8. I agree...try some Foot Petals. You can find them in both the shoe and hosiery departments in Nordstrom.
  9. Some really high shoes do that to me as well. Foot petals are the answer.
  10. I have these shoes as well- foot petals work- but also do you have the buckle to tight??? thant could be it as well
  11. Open toe CL's can be really tricky...I have a pair and they do the same thing. I asked the salesmen and he said I should go up a whole size in CL if they're closed toe, and if they're open toe you only need to go 1/2 size bigger than what you would normally wear. Since I've already worn them and couldn't exchange them I also put foot petals in them, and it does help