My Tiny Chanel Accessories Collection!!!

  1. Hi!!! My collection is very small... I wish I had bags, hopefully one day!!

    I bought the sunglasses at the Chanel in Takashimaya, Singapore in July 2006.
    The earrings were bought for me by my lovely boyfriend for Christmas 2007... hoping I will get the matching necklace when I go over east next month :tup:
    DSC01074.JPG DSC01075.JPG DSC01076.JPG
  2. aww, i love the earrings, so cute! :cutesy:
  3. lovely collection so far as you got great sunglasses and those earrings are cute i own a pair myself and love them!
  4. both gorgeous! ~ earrings so pretty
  5. cute, cute earrings. I like the sunglasses too. You're off to a great start!
  6. great buys.....good way to start your collection!
  7. [​IMG]



    Lovely purchases:tup:

  8. I love your sunglasses.
  9. Those are great sunglasses!! :yes:
  10. Awww... great collection! I started with accessories too. :yes: All things in time. Those are 2 classy, timeless pieces, so congrats!
  11. Hot sunnies!
  12. you have a lovely collection~
  13. Enjoy your new items....
  14. love those sunnies!
  15. Congrats. Love both the sunnies and the earings.

    Wear them well.