My timeless caviar clutch - got it from hk!

  1. Here's my Caviar clutch! got it from HK!

    the price of $HK7,800 is not bad considering PAris is selling it around 750 Euros if I'm not mistaken...
    ttimeless classic clutch.JPG

    timeless clutch 3.JPG

    timeless clutch4.JPG

  2. Congrats! It's very cute!
  3. Congrats! Saw this at the chanel store in terminal 2 at the HK airport....very pretty!
  4. congrats!! :biggrin:
  5. It's beautiful and classy, congrats!
  6. thanks guys for all your wonderful support! I'm so excited to use it this weekend!
  7. congrats! it's beautiful.
  8. Congrats! love it! and you look fab modeling it!:yes:
  9. very pretty, congrats!
  10. hahaha! thanks! I just came home from my office and took this pic! :wlae:

  11. very pretty! Congrats on your purchase! :smile:
  12. Very nice! I love the timeless clutch, you can't go wrong for sure!
  13. Congrats! It's beautiful, and such a useful little clutch.
  14. Congrats and you look amazing with the clutch!!
  15. Two new bags in the same week!!! Nothing beat that for sure... Congrats... that clutch is just so pretty.