My Sylvesters story


Jul 7, 2006
My cat is named Sylvester, he was a cat I found outside my city at a bus stop, sitting on the grass and just looking around. When we found him he had a tattoo in his ear but no chip, unfortunately we couldn't ID his owner because the ink had faded too much.

We had a cat that we rescued from a shelter at home so there wasn't even an issue, I couldn't leave him out or just leave him with someone else, he was too special, and in time I would come to realize just how special he was.

Fast forward one year, he started looking so pale and not moving around. We went to the vet and by then his blood percentage was an incredible 6 %, normal is 25-45 %. My heart broke, because he genuinely was so incredible sweet and such a care-taker, and now it would be my turn to take care of him. The vets wanted to euthanize him, and they wanted to do it immediately (he had been in IC care for about a couple of days but didn't show any signs of getting better). They were so cold about it and said that we were torturing him by keeping him alive.

We wanted a second opinion, so reluctantly they gave him back to us and we went to another vet who wanted to try cortisone and antibiotics and other things. He got better but then just recently got worse, this time - I felt that he wasn't going to make it, and that feeling is the absolute WORST in the whole entire world.

He got a feeding tube down his nose and screamed and didn't move. I thought he was going to die there. We went to the vet (another one) and he stayed there for around 7 days. He got better and was admitted home, I could see the happiness in his eyes every day we visited him and sadness when they walked away with him.

He has a disease where his body eats its own blood cells, so his immune system is defeating itself. He's currently on cortisone and will be for the rest of his life, but the most important thing is that he is here, and truly - every day is such a blessing and I appreciate every time I walk by him and see him react, because I know I can't take that for granted.

Currently he's in a picture competition here in Sweden, and if anyone wants to vote on him we would all appreciate it so much.
This is the link, you can use google translate because it's in Swedish.;736;NOTE-8NHESS-0

Please everyone, if you're the least wary and suspicious, go to the vet and if they want to do something you're not comfortable with, please see another for a second opinion, it could save your baby's life!!:heart:



How Sentimental
Jan 14, 2009
Where the wild things are
bless your heart for rescuing that precious soul!
Sylvester is a very handsome fellow and quite lucky that someone as loving and caring as you found him :hugs:
It is amazing to me why some people even become vets. Thank goodness my vet is like me.....a sucker for all the hopeless cases who loves all animals.