My surprise gift

  1. The hub took me to France and Switzerland for my 32nd birthday and we originally planned to spend my actual bday at a 3-Michelin-star restaurant in Paris called Taillevent. The funny thing is that we were all dressed up and ready to go to dinner, but we arrived 30 mins early at the restaurant in the Georges V area, only to find the restaurant still closed.

    So we walked around and found ourselves in Champs D'Elysees and while I had no intention of even visiting the store, it was as if I had a homing device and the mother ship called me. So we found the flagship LV store and the hub must've noticed the sadness in my eyes, and told me to "go pick one." I thought he was kidding at first, and he told me it'd be my birthday present. I felt so guilty spending so much on a purse, so I said, ok, I'll pick one but we don't have to go to dinner anymore. It was a done deal, and 20 minutes later we walked out with my first LV - a Speedy 30.

    I love my new purse, but frankly, it's even more special to me because it showed how much my hub wants to see me genuinely happy.
  2. What a nice surprise! I would take a speedy over dinner any day! :lol:
  3. Great choice! Congrats and happy birthday!
  4. That's so sweet of your husband. Happy Birthday!
  5. That is a lovely present . Trip to Paris and all. Great!
  6. Yay Happy Birthday! Who needs food when you get a new LV
  7. A nice dinner is a bit over an hour, the Speedy will bring you enjoyment for years!

    That was sweet of him. :smile:
  8. wow! that's so sweet!!! congrats and Happy Birthday!! :biggrin:
  9. Happy Birthday!!! Post pics!
  10. your hubby is so sweet!:love:
  11. awww that's so sweet! :love: happy birthday and enjoy!
  12. happy have a nice hubby! post pics of your speedy:smile:
  13. Happy Birthday!! Your hubby sounds like a sweetheart :smile:
  14. Happy Birthday~! and congrats on your new speedy~!!
  15. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing such a sweet story. Happy Birthday!