My son spilled my coke all over the floor at Rodeo

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  1. OMG, I was soooo embarrassed. I was at the BH Rodeo store and my son was sitting in the stroller (my older one) and I had my coke in the hood of the stroller. I told him it was there and to be careful and all of a sudden he grabs the hood to close it and down went my coke........all over the floor. I was HORRIFIED! At least he didnt get it on any bags. Oh and we were right next to the new chocolate signature display. Damn kids!!
  2. I absolutely HATE taking my son shopping. Sometimes there isn't another option and I can totally feel for you here. Luv 'im to death, however.....
    I would've died -thank goodness he missed the bags!
  3. It doesn't get much better as they get older. I was talking to DH about how I wanted a Large Carly for our 18th Anniversary coming up. DH asked how much it was and when I told him around $450 with tax I thought my son was going to fall out of the chair laughing.
  4. Aww I'm sorry that happened to you =( My little brother used to knock over items sitting on shelves when he was a toddler... we seriously couldn't take him ANYWHERE until he was about 6 or 7. He just laughs now when we tell him what a handful he was!
  5. I'm thirty-something and I still knock over and spill stuff. I'm the clumsiest person I've ever even heard of. I don't even get embarrassed anymore when I trip, fall, spill something.
    I think it's something some people never out grow :girlsigh:

    Oh and alcohol is rarely a factor.. lol
  6. This is why I can never go shopping. I am a SAHM and the two kiddos (DS6 & DD2) are completely bored to tears by shopping so I never get to check out anything that I like. I do spend a ton of time in the toy stores, though.:yes: Glad to hear nothing was damaged by the soda.
  7. My son knocked over all the bag displays (hat rack type things) in the window at the Coach Outlet. I was mortified.