My Snoopy stuff


a Fendi bag and a bad attitude
Jul 5, 2007
Going to post some pics of my Snoopy lunchbox bag and my Woodstock bag.
Both of these bags are more fun than function.
I got the Woodstock bag to be a crossbody when I take my dogs for a walk. The openings are extremely tight and will be difficult to get into. In the photo of the inside I’m literally forcing the bag open as far as possible. Also the original strap (not pictured) that comes with the Woodstock bag is uncomfortable on my small frame. It’s suffocating around my neck and is so wide it falls off my shoulder. I’m 5’2 and petite. I will be using another random strap I have as this is only my dog park bag. But I would be really let down in the original strap if I had been wanting to use it.
The Lunchbox bag is much softer (but still stiff). It is definitely more functional. However I got it mostly to be a display piece in my closet. It reminds me of my childhood lunchbox which was my first bag. :heart:
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