My smooshy Teal Day/Hobo Arrived!

  1. I'm so excited and almost no one else could understand but you all. I went crazy trying to take pictures of her, she's an outdoor kind of girl:


    As you can tell, I like the hang of her - but it's so hard to do the color justice. This is an 05 Teal Day and indoors, she looks considerably more bluish green than outdoors. It's definitely a greenish-teal (I couldn't have hoped for more). I'll try to take some indoor pictures later - but I'm just too exciting whooping and putting various things inside to check her out.

    She is from eBay, from a trusted seller, and she is authentic. :yahoo: She's not nearly as biggish as I thought she might be, and she goes with everything, IMO. There's only the slightest sign of any wear on this bag - she's like brand new! Still a bit shiney, subtle veins, and yes, thicker leather than my 07 City has.

    But I love the silkiness of my 07 City too - and I think the 07 Aquamarine is still TDF. But now I have a family and I need to make them sit and pose!
  2. Oh wow....what a beautiful color!!! Congrats!! The leather is so rich and smooshy looking. Take a family pic too!!! :yes:
  3. WOW!:nuts: AMAZING color! LOVE IT!:heart:
  4. Melisande, she's gorgeous. :party: The color is rich and looks like Emerald to me, does she come with the paper card that has the year of production, either 2005 or 2006?
  5. realdeal - i was thinking the same thing. as gorgeous as that looks, it can't be a teal, it's way too green.
  6. I thought the same thing RD! I thought maybe because the bag has a green background it pulls more of the green out in the bag.
  7. None of the bags in spring 05 had any trace of veins. I also think it is emerald.

    Not that that is a bad thing. I actually prefer emerald to teal, anyway.
  8. No - she doesn't come with her year card - but her serial number seems to say she's an 05. She looks way more green in this photo, though, than she does in real life. She actually looks something like the "mystery green" that's in the color swatches on ateliernaff, but then, my monitor isn't the best. I need to photograph her next to my 07 Aquamarine coin purse.

    Right now, looking at her from across the room, she has a significant blue tone to her - and I'd hoped that emerald would be more green (I'd love to have one).

    At any rate, the leather is much squishier than my other girls' (they're 06's and 07's). The seller was certain it was an 05 - but it's hard to say. She is indeed fairly green! Mystery green?? I'm thinking maybe so - my daughters immediately said teal-green (not teal-blue!)
  9. She's way too dark, I think, to be 04 emerald - as I understand the swatches. And she doesn't have silver hardware. She's definitely a jewel tone kind of bag. I had looked and looked for emerald - so maybe that's why this bag appealed to me so much. She'd have to be 06 Emerald if she's Emerald - in which case, she's still very different from my 06 bags. She is veiny, alhtough not as much as my 07 bags. The leather is much more like my 04 Twiggy, though, in thickness.

    The ateliernaff swatches from 05 show quite a bit of veininess in sky blue, teal and bubblegum - at least on my monitor. Off to the leather variations thread to check this out!
  10. Congrats! Gorgeous bag for sure but definitely not Teal. If I were placing a bet, I'd say Emerald 06 for sure. Sooo pretty!
  11. Well, whatever she is she's stunning, but I'd say take a bunch more pictures in different light for us to look at. Partly to identify the colour, and partly cos I'm nosy! :biggrin: ;)
  12. I corresponded with the seller about the exact date of her purchase and I'm concluding she's a Spring 06 Emeraude! Now, I had been pouting because I missed an Emeraude City - I wanted one really really bad. However, now that I have this style, I'm totally hooked. I was afraid the teal would be too dramatic for daily use, so when this baby arrived, I was ecstatic because of the deep color.

    This of course means I still have to keep looking for something teal - but I'm so in love with 07 Aquamarine (and the type of leather that it is) that I'm thinking of a Twiggy if one can be found.

    I will take a family photo today - but I'm having so much trouble getting the colors to look right on screen. Rouge Vif, in particular, keeps looking like tomato red - which it is not!!! I posted a picture of it on the Rouge Vif inventory thread - page three, to show how dicey my camera work is (and it's not the camera, it's a good one - it's the light and the digital process).
  13. I wish I could edit the thread title! I'm still breathless with excitement. She's definitely a jade green type color - like malachite with blue undertones. In the meantime, I'm very interested in talking about Bag Photography - gonna start another thread.


    Never met a B-bag I didn't love!
  14. Beautiful Emerald day!!! :yes:
  15. Thanks, Bags! What's weird is that I had an Emerald Day or City on my wishlist for a couple of months (get to check that one off) - but no teal! In the photos the seller sent me, it looked delightfully greenish, I think that's when the drool started.

    She's just about the prettiest thing I've ever seen!