My smal collection

  1. Hi everybody, just wanted to share my collection with you. Well, it isn't as big or fabulous as many of you others, but I love my bags.

    It has been a lot big containing mostly LV and Gucci, but last your I sold every bag I owned as I was getting TO obsessed.

    But but but I missed these pretty items SO much that I've started collecting again.

    Gucci taske.JPG Louis Vuitton taske.JPG Marc Jacobs taske.JPG Prada taske - stor.jpg
  2. Great pieces! I esp. LOVE the red GUCCI!:love:
  3. Love the moka
  4. love the red gucci.
  5. Thanks...
    I forgot I also have this Prada which I am trying to sell.
    Prada taske - sort.JPG
  6. mmm, love the epi!! great bags!
  7. Nice stuff!
  8. Wow, love the LV epi ... thanks for sharing!
  9. Is that 3th one a MJ? TIA
  10. Love the Gucci Blondie!
  11. very nice :smile: