My Silver Beauties!

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  1. After waiting for what seemed like FOREVER, but in actuality was only 8 days, my continental wallet and card case arrived from lovehandbags! They were delivered this past Monday but it was such a busy week, I only got around to taking pics last night. Here they are! Now I'm off to Easter lunch :smile:

  2. Hi sweetpeach so glad they have finally arrived for you- lovely- enjoy
  3. They are lovely sweetpeach, are you pleased with them? :amuse:
  4. Hi SweetPeach

    Happy Easter to you.

    I love your Silver goodies - really chic...............and they match your gorgeous Chinchilla!

    Ellie xx
  5. very nice congrats!
  6. Hello Sweetpeach, love your silver beauties, tres chic!
  7. Gorgeous sweetpeach. Enjoy!!
  8. Oh, how lovely Sweetpeach! Enjoy your silver Easter goodies...
  9. Gorgeous!

  10. Congats Sweetpeach, they are wonderful! The color is amazing :nuts: I was thinking of purchasing the matching metallic Mabel, but settled for the Cognac color :yahoo:

    Enjoy & happy Easter!
  11. Very pretty :biggrin:
  12. Oooh those are gorgeous .. the same lovely silver as my agenda, which I love!! Congrats!! :biggrin:
  13. Worth waiting for sweetpeach.
  14. Thank you, elvis, miss_m, Ellie, bmb, Sarah, cmaec, DoubleDutch, ToteGirl, Isa, mamabenny, LMM, and lola!

    They are so beautiful, and I get a thrill every time I pull my wallet out to pay for something:biggrin:

    Ellie, thank you for the compliment on my chinnie, too! He is my little darling.
  15. these are gorgeous, much much nicer than an easter egg!!! :biggrin:

    Congratulations, glad they finally arrived!