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  1. I don't know why, but I've always wanted to walk into a LV store and do this:

    I want to buy the WORST LV fake ever made in the history of fakes. Somthing like a MC Manhattan with fur on it. Then I want to stroll into a LV store all snobby and pretentious, like I own THE LV bag of the moment. I'd make sure that they think that I think my bag is real. I then want to proceed to look at all the most expensive items they have, contemplating over them, trying them on, while the whole time making faces and grimaces with each bag and telling the SA that nothing can beat the bag I have now. I just want to see their reaction. It would be priceless.:lol:
  2. hahahahahaahhahah

    i had a joy reading this, you kept me laughing non stop!
  3. Heehee!:roflmfao: That would be hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to witness that situation!:graucho: The look on there faces would be as you say "Priceless!" Too funny!:P
  4. :lol: that would be funny.

    i've noticed how in some stores the SAs don't give you the time of day if you walked in looking like some dishwashing lady from a coffeeshop. i always take care to dress well and carry a nice bag when i go into high-end stores. but i've imagined myself walking into a store in my old high school gym t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops and carrying some cheap pleather bag from Forever 21 -- basically looking like i got caught in a drain :biggrin: -- and buying my fabulous Suhali L'Epanoui GM :yes:.
  5. ive walked into lv with a bathing suit on, no one cared about me until i screamed "I WANT THE VAVIN GM WILL SOMEONE GET IT FOR ME"

    well i didnt actually scream, more like a "polite" request!
  6. You rock! I love that; walking in a high end store looking like sh*t, letting the SA treat you like sh*t, then slapping them in the face with a fat purchase. Ahhhh, that feeling is too delicious. Afterwards, I always tap the counter lightly with my hand and say "Next time, keep your attitude at home". *****y? Yes. Deserved? Maybe not, but a least they won't treat others badly.
  7. HAHAHA i should have so done that. there was this SA there when i asked her a question she blew me off. then i went to this fab. guy who was da bomb!
  8. please let us know when you finally decide to realize this secret fantasy of yours... we'll be watching you from outside the store. we'll be there for you for moral support and all! :P
  9. that's funny!
  10. :lol: i thought it was more like a dream shopping spree or something like that. nice one!
  11. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] LMAO

    I think we should have hidden camera on you so we can watch it over and over..
  12. sophia, the LV store where you are is by the beach? doesn't that harm the purses?
  13. :roflmfao: what a hoot!!!
  14. well...if i am not happy about the SA's attitude, i will make sure they know it ! I personally think the SA in NZ are pretty nice !
  15. I know that in Marbella (Spain), the store is pretty much next to the beach. All the high-end stores are. :yes: