My second Fendi Reveal!

  1. Just received my second Fendi purse from Reebonz this morning, I placed the order two days ago and I am amazed by how fast they shipped it!!!
    It's a medium Chameleon in Latte, and I am absolutely loving it!!!!So glad I did place the order.
    The bag is beautifully made and it's so spacious that I can even carry my MacBook in it.
    100% satisfaction!!!!!
    image-3662857786.jpg image-75124406.jpg image-2352839402.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! I am loving my medium chameleon!
    Every time I try to switch bags I quickly go back to this one.
  3. Lovely bag.. colour is great for summer :smile:
  4. Totally agree with you!!!Its causal and classic at the same time, and its fun!!!

    Thanks!!!I was worried about the light color might get dirty too easily which almost stopped me from getting it, but now when I look at it I know I made a right decision. =)
  5. Gorgeous new bag!! Congratulations!!
  6. That is such a classy looking bag! Congrats!
  7. Congratulations! absolutely gorgeous
  8. very pretty!
  9. Wow! It looks so classy!!! Congrats!
  10. Congrats! Very nice!

  11. Love it!! Can you do a modshot? Would love to see how it looks on you. Plus, can you say how tall you are? I need to get an idea of what size may work best for me.
  12. the causal classic bag ...
  13. lovely bag x
  14. beautiful! post some mod pics plz :biggrin:
  15. WOO HOO!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I think the Chameleon is a total Class Act! BIG CONGRATS!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I just received mine in black & love these bags - leather is super soft & it hangs just so elegantly!

    Maybe we need to start a Chameleon Owners thread?;)