My second Chanel-- bigger and better than ever!

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  1. Today i splurged on my second Chanel bag. I must admit, I saw it on Disc Two Episode 7 of the Rachel Zoe project when her and Rog were unpacking and I HAD to have it...for travel, etc.

    chanel caviar xxl.jpg


    I hope I did this right. Lets find out.....
  2. Oh yeah, it worked! It's from a reputable La Poupette seller with excellent feedback from the forum. Cant wait for it to arrive!

    My first ever Chanel was a vintage jumbo XKL bag.

    I think this may be my new addiction! Wish me well!
  3. Here is my first vintage jumbo XXL
  4. Wish me luck!
  5. Good luck!
    That's a beautiful bag, hope you'll enjoy it!

    Post the modeling pics too ;)
  6. Congrats on both Chanel vintage! What a great find! ;)
  7. Congrats! I am always a sucker for Vintage Chanel too. It's beautiful, as is your XL!
  8. Congratulations!
  9. Wow, it's gorgeous! You have 2 great vintage finds. Do you know the name of it?

  10. your vintage pieces are gorgy!
  11. It's a gorgeous bag. Congrats!
  12. Great bags! Congrats!
  13. Congrats! You and I have the same taste!
  14. :nuts:

    Love this bag! What is it called?
  15. elegant! I would so try to rock it as a handbag lol