my sale associate WAS the best

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  1. It sounds so weird but my SA was so fun to shop with and easy to have things sent to me and now he is not with the company any more! This makes me sad. I have to find and build a new relationship to get photos or even Chanel sales! So sad!!! Anyone feel my pain??
  2. Maybe he moved onto another Chanel place? If not, one of us can find you someone else wonderful-check the recommendation thread!
  3. I know it might sound like such a first world problem, but I totally understand! a great SA pays attention to your preferences, your style and how you accessorize and that takes time to find someone else who can/would make the effort to do that. My SA always "knows" which items I would be interested in and send me awesome pictures and hold things she knows I would want (very dangerously enabling but I appreciate it!). Hopefully as Gail13 suggested you can soon find another nice SA to shop with!
  4. Yes I can imagine it must be horrible!! I always tell my SA that if he leaves my Chanel expierence would NEVER be the same....
  5. Sorry about that. That happened to me too! I lost first dibs at sale and couldn't get a great follow up from the replacement SA. Kinda moved further away from Chanel into H instead pros and cons
  6. Yes! Same case here. My SA left and I have hard time to find a responsible SA.