My Sadest Reveal Ever

  1. Me too!! Trust me I shed a few tears over these bad boys...

    Eta the leather is unbelievably soft!!!
  2. If I thought those would fit me I'd probably want them from you!
  3. I so feel your pain. In my experience the YSL Rive Gauche boots run extra skinny in the legs and calves area though. :sad: Not to be deterred, I even bought YSL knee-high lace-up wedge boots from NeimanMarcus online once, thinking that because they were lace-ups I would have some extra room in the leg area, but it was a no-go.
  4. These are sooo pretty! I'm wishing you luck on these. BTW do you know what the calf measurement on these are by chance? You've got great taste! I agree that you should check with a good cobbler first to see what perhaps they could do. They are too beautiful not to try!;).
  5. I have had a pair of Alberto Fasciani boots stretched and it was very thick and stiff leather. My cobbler did it little by little because he was afraid to stretch too much, but it worked and finally they fit me. I am sure your boots can be fixed - they are totally awesome!
  6. What kind of products do u use to minimize ur calves?! I must know :smile:
  7. Did you get them stretched?? I'm not in the exact same boat with beautiful YSL boots, but I bought some Fryes from the Nordstrom anniversary sale and I can't pull them up! They totally bunch at the ankle...I feel your pain. I may go to a cobbler to stretch them...but the leather seems so thick and unstretchable. I hope you're able to stretch them...everyone says leather stretches, right? ;)
  8. I've had CL Egoutinas stretched to fit my calves, which are about 16 1/2". CLs are notoriously narrow and these didn't have a zipper and were leather lined, so if I could fit in them, I'm sure any boot can be stretched to fit!! The nylons really help too, any kind of knee high nylon will help them slip on easier. I've had AWang Sigrids stretched as well.