My "sad" LOUIS VUITTON Damier Sauvage

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  1. I am very sad with my Louis Vuitton Damier Sauvage, this was my bday gift from my husband 2 years ago, since the material is pony hair, so overtime, the hair came off at corner parts. I took it to the LV store last weekend and wondering if they can do something abt it, but they told me there is NOTHING they can do about it since it's discontinue, that was really sad to hear, since I know they still make Sauvage shoes and it's LV, I expected they at least would be able to do something abt it, but they told me there is no way it can be repaired. I love this bag a lot, but now I am afraid of using it, cuz I don't want it to get worse.

    Is there anyone knows anything abt Sauvage bag? is that possible to be repaired?

    Thank you
  2. I'm sorry it is a beautiful bag I love that line so sad when they discontinued it, I don't know if anything and be done but i'll keep my fingers crossed for you
  3. Well all I know is that pony hair is extremely delicate........ I'm sorry they can't do anything about it.... but maybe you can try calling/contacting a few other LV stores and see what they say cuz *some* SAs are REALLY clueless, dumb, or just plain LAZY. So if you're lucky, maybe one store will accept to take it back to France and see if the factories there can repair it.... (ie...kill another pony to save your bag.........:wtf:) Good luck!
  4. Thank you guys....
    I will try to talk to some other LV stores and see if they can do something with it
  5. friction - rubbing against something continually - is usually the cause for the bald spots. unfortunately this cant be repaired. i've got a pair od Damir Sauvage loafers that's 4 years old and the hair is still intact. its one of my all time fave shoes so i rarely use it.

    btw, "pony hair" is just a fashion industry term. it's actually just calfskin :yes:
  6. what?!?!?!? really? so it's not a real pony???
    wait...calfskin is... cow right? lol:p
  7. nope, its just cowhide ;)
  8. but.....cowhide is from a cow, right? lol..........:shocked:

    like... the regular vachetta/vachette (cowhide) derives from the French word VACHE which means cow...........

    sorry for the dumb questions..................:shame: (and congrats on yer new bag! :graucho: lol)

  9. yes, cowhide if from a cow :yes: most leathers come from the skin of a cow ;)

  10. Thank you for making that note about the genuine nature of "pony hair"...I know it is just calfskin, but so many people really think that a pony is slaughtered! I was ready to make the same post!
  11. Thanks! I learned something new!

    But now, if something really is made from a real pony...then how can we differentiate this from "pony hair"? :confused1: Is there a law saying that we can't kill ponies?
  12. aww hugs.....I still like the joke about them using ponies jsut to freak people out a lil bit