My rouille ... pics

  1. Sorry for the bad quality, it was a darkish day and I was trying to avoid the flash.

    I'm looking at these and thinking, surely the bag isn't THAT orange? I think it's actually a bit more reddish/rusty ... Heck, how did I ever end up with such a bright bag? I think it would look great too (better, even) with light coloured clothing ...

    (Sorry girls, I've tried but still cannot figure out how to paste the actual image into my thread. When I try to copy and past the image I always seem to end up with a copy of the link in my post.)
    meandrouille.jpg meandrouille2.jpg meandrouille3.jpg meandrouille4.jpg meandrouille5.jpg
  2. Yummy yummy yummy... looks GREAT on you!

    Nothin' wrong with a bit of colour! I think you suit each other perfectly!
  3. so pretty, congrats!! :tup:
  4. I really looks great, bal reds are really hard to photograph somehow they always look more orangy in picsthan irl.
  5. You look great wearing your rouille!! I understand your frustration trying to photograph it, though - it is so hard to capture the true beauty of a b-bag in a photo.
  6. U're looking absolutely gorgeous in your outfit with your rouille!!!:tup::tup:
  7. it looks fabulous on you, drati! :tup::yes:
  8. Gorgeous! Really suits you, drati!
  9. :yahoo:WooHoo! You and your bag look great!! Congrats!
  10. Love it!! Gorgeous bag and you look great wearing it!!:tup:
  11. perfect outfit for a bright red bag!!! congrats!
  12. that color is gorgeous!! and it looks fabulous on you!! Congrats!!
  13. It looks great on you! Love the color!
  14. you look perfect! the color looks great on you, dont worry!!
  15. Congrats! Your rouille city is stunning! It looks great on you!