My Rouge VIF Clutch is gorgeous but there's a problem...

  1. So this morning, I picked up my rouge VIF make-up clutch from UPS--straight from the NYC Balenciaga store. The color is stunning and the leather is to-die-for...but there is a problem with the tassels. The color is not consistent along the tassel. It's obvious where the color didn't absorb in the leather. Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do? I've attached pictures.
    Balenciagarougeclutch_082806 001.jpg Balenciagarougeclutch_082806 006.jpg Balenciagarougeclutch_082806 009.jpg Balenciagarougeclutch_082806 002.jpg Balenciagarougeclutch_082806 003.jpg
  2. Why don't you call BalNY and ask them to send you extra tassles?
  3. Yeah I was planning on doing that. The extra tassels that came with the clutch have the same problem and so I am wondering if this is a common "defect" with the brighter colors.
  4. Maybe you can think of it as part of the bag's If not, I'm sure they will send you extra tassels! It's beautiful though, congratulation!
  5. That's one gorgeous clutch! But I agree, call BalNY. Everything should be perfect with this baby for the price. Enjoy!
  6. love the clutch in this beautiful color!
    hope the new tassels work out for you.
  7. ^ oh yes, my 05 rouge has that too on the tassels. Definitely call your SA and ask for extra tassles! They should be able to give you one, especially since you just ordered yours from them :smile:

    BEATIFUL clutch, btw :love:
  8. try getting new ones, but I dont think its considered a defect. I think I remember someone suggesting buying a fabric marker in the same color and coloring in the side of the tassel to make it even. but try get even ones first- no hurt in that!
  9. Love your clutch! I have an '05 rouge city, which I'll check for you tonight (to see if my tassels are like yours) but in the meantime call BalNY.
  10. yeah, I think Tanja said that she did this to one of her bags? Tanja, was it you? My Oxblood/Grenat first had the exact same tassels. They weren't dyed completely on the sides. You can just buy the fabric pen to color in the sides. I think BalNY charges shipping for the tassels?

    Btw, beautiful clutch!:heart: