My RM Morning After is on the FedEx truck!

  1. This is the official message "On fedex vehicle for delivery"


    I am so excited! It is the regular sized Morning After in Black with Black basketweave, I will post pics as soon as she comes in! I'm already thinking of possible names, do you guys have any suggestions?

    Wine Matinee is Bertha: Big, Beautiful, Bad-Ass, TANK of a purse
    Mini Royal with Brown Basketweave is Ruth: Confidently dazzlingly unique
    Mini Tomato is: Renee: Quietly sophisticated with a dash of spice
    Mini Wine: Marilyn: Jaw dropping, in-your-face gorgeous
    Mini Navy: Nicole: Cool, calm, yet stunningly elegant
    Mini Dark Gray: Selma: Perfectly, uniquely polished in an offbeat way
    Regular Morning After in Chocolate: Elizabeth: Solid, beautiful, proud, and regal

    Go ahead and laugh at me, its ok! I love my RM babies!
  2. That's great, be sure to post pics
  3. Congrats GUNG!! Hey why not call your new beauty "KIKI!!" You just gotta cuz that's my daughter's nickname lol...
  4. :popcorn:
    I can't wait to see your pictures as they are always great! You must give a detailed honest feedback too! I'm all eyes and ears!
  5. Missypoo, I love the name! Kiki it is! (Kiki: Funky, marches to her own beat, but still is the baddest, most beautiful chick on the block!)

    Im sitting here glaring at my front door, willing the door bell to ring!
  6. YAY!! My daughter is just that too lol, a little bad a$$ girl!! More like a little DIVA to put it lightly haha. Her full name is Kiara and we all call her Kiki. You better post pics girl!

  7. Aren't those the most divine words in the world?

    Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  8. maybe someone intercepted the fedex truck and hijacked kiki.... where is she?????????
  9. ITS HERE :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. :yahoo:Ok now take some pics!! I want to see KIKI!! haha
  11. squeeee!!!!!!!
  12. OOOOH PICS!!! and tell us all about her! I plan on getting one in a couple of weeks just like her!
  13. Presenting....Kiki
  14. all her basket-woven splendor!
  15. SOOO Pretty! love it!