My RM Matinee arrived - and I have a question...

  1. It's a beautiful bag...I got the black w/blue suede...leather is gorgeous - thick and smoochy! It really has a great look - it's big, that's for sure...

    My question is...does anyone else who has one think this is HEAVY? I'm using it today...but I may have to send it back... :sad:

    I hate to do was such a fabulous deal!
  2. My Dark Grey Matinee is alittle on the heavy side I noticed as well. I think it all depends on the different qualities of the leather in some of the colors. Like I heard the Elephant Matinee has very thick leather and weighs more than other color Matinees. I actually prefer the MA Mini style better : ), but I can't part with the TDF Dark Grey color lol...
  3. My matinee's in glazed espresoo and it's not too heavy, IMO, unless I cram it full!
  4. I have the Matinee in Drk. Grey and I don't think its heavy at all. However, my Morning After in Eggplant is VERY heavy! I agree with Missypoo comment about the quality of the leather having something to do with the weight. If you feel that the weight is an issue then you should return it.
  5. Ooooo post pics!!
  6. Well, I just went out to lunch with DH - got my matinee out of the drawer and it wa SO heavy, I just took my wallet out and left the bag! Guess that makes up my mind for me...back she goes!

  7. I guess I'm used to really heavy bags, because I thought my dark grey Mati was LIGHT!
  8. Did you purchase the bag from RM during sample sale?? I think their policy is no returns for sample sale items. You might have to eBay it . . .
  9. Nope - I got it from was on sale for $500, and I used a code and got $125 off - couldn't resist!'s on it's way back now...:sad:
  10. You should try the MA Mini Bisbee. It's the perfect size IMO and not heavy at all : )
  11. Really? You thought it was heavy?? I have the same bag - the black/blue Matinee - and I thought it was pretty lightweight. Especially compared to the elephant color, which I was originally going to buy. When I compared the weight of both bags on my arm w/things inside, there was no contest - the black was about half weight.

    I also got a glazed espresso MA and that bag is even lighter than the Matinee. The leather on the glazed bags is much thinner (the leather on the black Matinee is a thicker leather) so it weighs even less. Maybe you can exchange the black for the glazed almond or espresso?? Even though the MA is larger than the matinee, mine is lighter because of its leather.

    Compared to other bags I own, I think the RM bags are some of the lightest weight. I'm really surprised to hear others think of them as heavy (although some of the other leather are heavier, like the elephant)
  12. I am not a small girl and I like lighter leather bags. That's why I can't never see myself carry a Chloe Paddington. Anyway, I do feel that matinee (I have a Glazed Expresso) is kind of at the heavier side. But given its size, I think that the weight is reasonable.
  13. ^^That's funny, I actually think the Paddy is a little lighter than the Matinee :smile: The Matinee is a bigger too. Still I think it is such gorgeous leather that I don't mind the weight. I'm sorry it didn't work for you Bisbee.