My "Riveting Bag Mono" is here... pics...long!

  1. Here's my story!

    Had pretty good service at LV - Ala Moana (Hawaii). Pretended to be on the phone until I found a SA who spoke English. Found out I am the first person to buy one from that boutique.

    Initial reaction:

    1. NOT a shoulder bag - base is a hefty 6 inches in width, compared to Luco's 4 inches. The bag has about a 7.5 inch drop. I'm quite thin with very thin arms, and this is not working as a shoulder bag. Bummer. SIDE NOTE: Wondering if I could put straps from the Bucket onto her... they're quite a bit longer... will have to see. Also, about the straps... they are very rigid and do a "curvy" thing to facilitate being a handheld and not a shoulder bag, KWIM?

    2. Where are the LE goodies that make this $1900? Bottom is mono. There are NO FEET on the bottom - what the :censor: ? A LE, $1900 bag without feet on the bottom? This bugs me. Also, the interior is the brown lining. Nothing special. Along with the handles not having rivets on them like in the Lookbook, those are my major gripes.

    Overall, she's a cutie. Interesting shape. I am NOT a handbag girl (I like shoulder bags), but I think I may have to keep this one. She's really stunning in person. I love the two zips connected by a leather strip, the plaque, and the fact that there is a zipped middle compartment and two side magnetic-close compartments. This may be my nod to LV handhelds (I'm not into the Speedy or the Alma, etc... maybe this will be my handheld).

    She is definitely way overpriced (no feet!? no special lining?!) and should be around $1500.

    What do you guys think? I think she's hot... but why didn't they make the straps longer and the base 4 inches so she could be a shoulder bag. :crybaby: That would have been so perfect. Should I keep her? Does she look OK on me?

    EDIT: It was $1820 (Hawaii prices, yay) and I got the receipt holder that's advertising the Pomme stuff... with the wallets, key holder, etc on the front.


    Mono Rivets full body.JPG
  2. Honestly, its a beautiful bag. BUT it is really too expensive. :s. Sorry Im of no help.
  3. It looks fabulous on you!! I totally agree with you though...its really bums me out that the straps are not longer and I was hoping it would be a touch bit bigger!! Its really pretty all the same...I can not decide if I will get it or not??? Let us know how you like it after you carry it a bit. In the mean time..its really does look GREAT on you!
  4. Congrats!

    I guess, they wanted it to be a hand bag, kwim.
  5. The straps are just an odd length. It looks like it could be a shoulder bag... but they just aren't quite long enough. It's a bit of a tease!
  6. It is HOT!!! If I had the funds I would def. buy one. Keep it! I hope I get to see IRL on Febraury 24th.

    I can't belive you got good service, english speaker, the pomme receipt holder and the bag!! Next time I am shopping with you! LOL.

    Congratz, you rock it!
  7. Congrats!!! You are :yes: sizzling hot:yes: with it. I think it's a keeper.
  8. Congrats
  9. Looks great on you:yes:
  10. congrats!
  11. I didn't even like the lambskin ones much, but this mono version looks really good!! I like it!! Congrats to you!
  12. I agree with some people that the bag costs too much even though it's really cute.
  13. It should have more for the price, i agree with you, BUT it's beautiful and looks awesome on you. :yes: I say think it over for a few days, then decide. For that price you could get an MC Speedy, or something along those lines. I don't know if you have an MC Speedy or not, but you'd look amazing with one.
  14. Congrats! It looks great on you.
  15. It's a cute bag (I like the shape more so than the actual rivets) but I think you should only keep it if you REALLY love it. If you don't exchange it for something you DO love :yes: